Friday, September 14, 2012

$$## Clearence Furuno FCV 295 10.4" Fish Finder

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Review Furuno FCV 295 10.4" Fish Finder
Product Reviews: Most of the buyer reviews reveal that the Furuno FCV 295 10.4" Fish Finder are excellent product. Also, it is a fairly good product for the price. This is best for people on a tight budget. Yet, these are mild problems, which manageable and will be easily solved. Overall, It's a quality product and we are absolutely recommend it! In case you still want to know more about this product, so read the reports of those who have already used it.

The FCV-295 is a new color digital sounder designed for a variety of professional fishing operations. It features a bonded "fogging-free" 10.4" LCD display providing superior viewing even in direct sunlight. You can display echoes in 8, 16, or 64 colors, with color assignment dependent on the strength of the returned echo. The FURUNO Free Synthesizer (FFS) Transceiver allows a wide selection of operating frequencies. You may choose any two frequencies between 28 and 200 kHz to fit your fishing operation. Output power is selectable from 1, 2 or 3 kW. A wide variety of display modes and functions are available, which provide skippers with simple and intuitive information. Furuno Digital Filter (FDF)FURUNO digital filter optimizes the gain to ...See more descriptions and Customer Reviews

Furuno FCV 295 10.4" Fish Finder Features :
  • Frequency 28-200
  • Resolution (VxH) 640 x 480
  • Screen Size 10.4"
  • Speed/Temp Optional
  • Transducer Type Not Included

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